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Draco/Neville Story: "How Soon Is Now" [Mar. 6th, 2017|08:42 pm]
Harry Potter Story finders

I'm desperate...My favorite Draco/Neville fic has disappeared off the internet and I was wondering if anyone by some slim chance had a copy of "How Soon Is Now" by Death and the Endless. I would be so forever grateful. My email is angelalorraine1979@gmail.com. Thank you in advance for any help.
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Living a Legend by fabula-propono [Feb. 28th, 2017|01:36 am]
Harry Potter Story finders

[Current Mood |desperate, hopeful]

Does anyone have the story Living a Legend by Fabula-propono.

Summary:Jessica Kristen Haywood (Holly) was Harrys biggest fan, until her grandmother died before reading her the sixth book. Now that shes grown up, she doesnt believe Harrys real anymore. But shes about to find out the truth.

This was story was deleted back in 2010. Here's the dead link,

This was my first Harry Potter story! If you happen to have it, Please send me an email, Panama96@live.com

A link is fine too!

THanks in advanced!
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Looking for a hgfan1111/cibjasfad/Andi's story The Space Between [Feb. 2nd, 2017|06:12 am]
Harry Potter Story finders

Does anyone have a copy of hgfan1111/cibjasfad/Andi's story The Space Between? I couldn't find it on the wayback machine or fiction hunt. Someone has it on tumblr but I don't have a tumblr or yahoo email. My email is afox531@hotmail.com thank you in advance!
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Brave New World by Theatresm [Feb. 2nd, 2017|03:05 am]
Harry Potter Story finders

Hey, does anyone have a copy of this great SS/OC fic? All the links I can find lead to a website with an expired domain.
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Two betrayal stories with goblins in them [Dec. 28th, 2016|08:40 pm]
Harry Potter Story finders

Hi All

A poster on an email list posted this search, which I'm now quite interested in

I'm looking for two stories, one has Ginny breaking up with harry when the goblins forclose on his vault after the break in, and he goes to the potter ancestral home and finds a secure vault in the basement with all the family gold and treasures

The other is also after the final battle and Harry is talking it out with he goblins and finds about a betrayal and ends up paying only his own fines and not those for Hermione and Ron

Someone suggested that the first story is by loralee1 and called Dear Hermione. Dear Hermione, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction

Apparently the OP says that Dear Hermoine is the one they were looking for, however, whilst the story is similar, I'm not sure it is the same one. To start with the goblins dont close his vaults, and Harry and Ginny are not together. In fact she tries to trap him into marriage, despite believeing him to be a pauper, but he proves that he never had sex with her. It does, however, have the hidden vault aspect of the story.

I am very interested in the idea that Ginny leaves Harry when the goblins close his vaults on him after the war. The second one is still interesting too.

Any thoughts on what they may be?
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Copies of Cracked Angel [Dec. 22nd, 2016|12:58 pm]
Harry Potter Story finders

Does anyone have a copy of Cracked Angel by WheresMyWand that they can email me? Thank you in advance.

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Female Harry Potter fic [Oct. 27th, 2016|05:48 pm]
Harry Potter Story finders
Okay, so I read this one a couple of years ago, and can't seem to find it now.

In it, Harry is a girl, who sews her own clothes. She's not very good at it though. The one scene I remember is when she's in Madame Malkins, she asks about a sewing kit, and they give her some patterns to use.

Thats all I really remember. I know its not much but if anyone could help that would be great!!
Thanks in advance!!!
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A Drastoria Fic or Ron-Harry friendship fics or Golden Trio friendship fics, post hogwarts   [Oct. 20th, 2016|12:58 pm]
Harry Potter Story finders
I am completely new to live journal so forgive any mistakes. :-)
I am looking for a drastoria fic in which Draco and Astoria have an arranged marriage. draco remains very recluse and does not bother Astoria. They consummate their marriage out of compulsion on the night of their wedding because they have to. Scorpius is born and after that they don't even talk properly. Scorpius and Albus are good friends. there is a sub story line of a long lost sister of some sort. slowly Draco and Astoria fall in love. Astoria teaches him how to kiss properly. pansy comes on to Draco in his own home... any of this ring any bells?

Also even if you don't know which fic I am talking about I am also on the prowl for a good multichapter post hogwarts either ron harry friendship fics or the golden trio friendship fic.
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Looking for a HP planthybrid fic!!! [Oct. 14th, 2016|09:36 pm]
Harry Potter Story finders
[Current Mood |annoyedannoyed]

Ok, so, dear comrades. I'm looking for a story where Harry becomes a magical creature that is part plant and Hogwarts gets totally trashed.

If I remember correctly, it starts with Voldemort looking to wake up/resurrect an incredibly powerful ancient magical creature that would help him kill Harry/take over the wizarding world. Only, the creature kills him (and the deatheater that was with him) the second it wakes up.

Then the scene moves to Hogwarts, a few days/weeks(?) later where Harry is being drawn to somewhere in the deep bowels of the castle by another of the same species of creature as what killed Voldemort. When Harry finds the creature, he gets a little too close (as intended by the creature) and the creature plants a seed in Harry's back using what is later in the story identified as the reproductive vine.

I don't remember what it looked like in the seedling stage, I just remember that as 'adults' the creatures look human with a plantbulb growing on/from their back. The bulb was a source where the vines came from (if memory serves me correctly) and could produce many different kinds of vines.

When the creature trapped under Hogwarts (trapped there on purpose, without it it would have been impossible to build the school, the local magic was so wild and unpredictable) brakes free it renders the castle to ruble.

When Harry's seed emerges as the bulb it does so at the best possible moment, as he and one other of the creatures (if memory serves) are under attack from a basilisk and it's master who have been summoned to Hogwarts to hunt down and kill the creatures.

All the members of this race I remember were male and for a long time seeding wizards was their only way of reproducing.

During the story (that comes in several parts as I now recall) Severus is seeded as well, difference being, it happens with his consent. I kinda remember Sirius getting seeded as well and Draco (maybe) but don't take it as gospel.

I hope there's enough info to hopefully jog someones memory as to the name of these stories or the authors name, 'cause I'd really like to read them again and I'm eternally hopeful that someone can help.
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HD recs Harry hurts Draco [Sep. 12th, 2016|12:51 pm]
Harry Potter Story finders


I'm looking for fics where Harry hurts Draco... I'm looking for all types of hurt emotional or physical accidentally or otherwise ... If it's followed by regret and comfort it's perfect.
And I'm also looking for fics where Harry rapes Draco.. Dubious consent is fine and it's fine if followed by feels..
(Bonus for Draco thinking he deserves it.. Harry feeling awful and has to make it up.)

I'm feeling evil today 👿 so please bear with me..

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